Yogi & Yogini

Peace  Love  Joy

All classes are suitable for both beginner and experienced students.

The asana portion of the class is dynamic and flowing. It emphasises both strength and flexibility. The Asana is practiced with a meditative focus where you are encouraged to focus on sensations of the body and the breath. Letting go of the chattering mind including any interpretations or judgements of how your body should be.

You are encouraged to practice by listening to how the body says you are today rather than how the mind says your body should be. We practice kindness to ourselves throughout the Asana practice, everyday the body is a little different but always perfect. It is only the mind that takes us away from the perfectness of who we are and how the world is.

There is always an emphasis on balanced class with preparation and a deeper forward bend, back bend, twist and inversion. Abdominal strength work is also included to help support the back and the posture.

As we are practicing each Asana you are given the opportunity to move into a stronger version of that posture or to remain as you are depending on how the body feels. This way we always experience the strength of the posture without the strain.

The beauty of Asana practice is that you experience the same benefit of all postures no matter whether you are doing your first class or whether you have been practicing for year. Steadiness and Ease is the literal meaning of Asana and if you practice mindfully like you are encouraged to do at Yogi & Yogini then you will love how it makes you feel!

Primarily the classes are asana based, incorporating the other limbs throughout the practice. Learning how you can practice Yoga also when you are active in your everyday life. Finding the peaceful stillness in the background despite the highs and lows in life.

There is always time for Shavasana at the beginning of the class to give you the opportunity to let go of the business of the day. It is the pose of surrender so you can choose to give up everything altogether. It brings you to a state of freedom, so you discover that there is something about you that is not limited to your body and mind. A deeply liberating practice.