Yogi & Yogini

Peace  Love  Joy

Yoga Teacher - Audrey

I started a regular Yoga practice around 22 years ago. I wanted to try it because I had heard that it was healthy for both the body and the mind. From my first class I was hooked. Even though many of the classes were primarily Asana focused there was some sense, especially during Shavasana (pose of surrender) that I was peaceful, and fully content, I felt like I had re-discovered myself.

This motivated me to explore more about what Yoga was and after reading some literature on Yoga I discovered that there was so much to it than the stretching and the bending. About 18 years ago I found the Australian College of Classical Yoga. I enrolled in the Yoga teacher Training course and agreed to meditate for an hour each day. That year I meditated, meditated and meditated! I also studied Yogic philosophy, learnt how to teach Asana and Anatomy and Physiology. My background in Nursing helped me with the Anatomy and Physiology a lot and I enjoyed thoroughly all the others aspects of what I was learning. It was the fusion of the intellectual learning and the experiential learning of the Yoga that lead to a transformed awareness. There was a major shift in the way life was experienced and I had a strong urge to continue my practice and to share what I had learnt with others.

So, Yogi & Yogini Yoga studio was opened although it was called Being Yoga then. I am passionate about teaching Yoga and that shows in all of the classes. I love how everyone’ from all different backgrounds are given the opportunity to find peacefulness within. That is why I changed the name to Yogi & Yogini as it reflects that yoga is for everyone. Yogi is a male practitioner of yoga and Yogini is a female practitioner of Yoga.

I have a wonderfully supportive husband Mark and two children. Samantha is 19 years old and Max is 16. I enjoy caring for my children and endeavour to be around for them whenever they need me. Yoga has helped me appreciate Motherhood much more especially when it isn’t always easy. My whole family benefit from Yoga, they have a mother and wife that finds joy and contentment from within and that flows through my everyday relationships. We have endured some very difficult experiences together and Yoga has helped me throughout those times. I believe that my body and mind are exceptionally strong and healthy because of Yoga practice.

I am grateful to have found that deeper understanding of Yoga and thank my teacher Swami Shantananda very much. I teach at times that work around caring for my family and they are often at times that suit others, whether you work or care for children or more often than not both. The classes are filled with friendly people from a wide variety of backgrounds. They hold a special place in my life and teach me more than they realize. I have enjoyed hearing their life stories and getting to know them over the years.

It has been an honour and privilege to teach Yoga. I am always going back to my teacher to learn more and to practice more. It benefits my students and I do it because I love Yoga it’s as simple as that!!!